Food photography – recipes on a TVC shoot

Food photographer London

It was great to start shooting food again after a while, after moving back to the UK I have been concentrating on my wedding videography. Its a passionate subject of mine – food and I absolutely love shooting it! This shoot was to showcase a cooking roaster for the oven hence the product being in …

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The new Mr & Mrs Porter

Wedding photographer Harpenden St Albans Hertfordshire

The new Mr and Mrs Porter had a simply stunning garden wedding in Western Super Mare near the family’s hotel. We had a mini shoot in the local woods before the ceremony to take advantage of the gorgeous greenery on the doorstep. The woods were great to get some fabulous images in a natural setting …

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Busy bee’s in the garden

bees hertfordshire

One thing I love about being back in the UK is the abundant nature on my doorstep and these little fellas are on my lavender at my front doorstep…..they have amazed me every day since the lavender started appearing a month ago and sometimes we may have at least 50 bees buzzing around this one …

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Confetti fun in slow motion

wedding videographer Harpenden, St Albans, Hertfordshire

  Congratulations to the new Mr & Mrs Castiglione last week on their amazing exit in Waltham cross, I have never shot such a gorgeous confetti exit!!! You guys are such a beautiful couple and I nearly cried on several occasions on your special day, it was so lovely to see so much love in …

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Hayley & Vinny’s Short Story

This May I had the pleasure to film one of the most beautiful couples – Hayley & Vinny on their special day in Hertfordshire. The family were very inviting to us the videographers and photographers. Its always hard having people around with cameras but everyone was very chilled out and embraced it. The church was glorious  and …

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Will you work well with my photographer?

Videography Hertfordshire

Many clients ask us this question and its understandable. As wedding videographers we are always battling the stereotype of bulky cameras, cheesy zooms, old school middle aged men and frankly awful films! The photography industry has given way to amazing smaller cameras that create cinematic and beautiful footage using prime lenses and simple equipment to create …

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Health Benefits of Blueberries

Louise Shrigley Food Photographer Hertfordshire

Im a huge lover of all berries – raspberries, blueberries, blackberries and strawberries and now I live in the UK I can grow my own again! They always look so pretty in front of the camera and adding a touch of gorgeous natural light to these babies you can get some lovely images. Check out …

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What to ask your Wedding videographer

Choose right and you’ll love every single viewing! 1. How long have you been in the weddings industry? How did you get started filming weddings and is it your main business? Weddings have no second take opportunities and your filmmaker needs to be prepared for anything!   2. How many videographers will be filming at …

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Photography Tips for beginners

Learn how to use your camera and improve your photographs After teaching in Dubai for over a year at Gulf Photo Plus I have now moved back to the UK in Hertfordshire where I am a freelance photographer and videographer. I miss teaching photography terribly and setting up my workshop here in Harpenden, Hertfordshire, will allow me …

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